An absolutely beautiful day, for an equally gorgeous wedding.

I have known Fran and Matthew now for the best part of 12 years! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have been chosen to shoot their big day. The day was chilled out, bright and fun. I couldn't have asked for much more to make this day even more perfect than it was.

Tamsin and Abdi

A beautiful ceremony in the stunning Swiss Gardens at Shuttleworth, Old Warden (Biggleswade).

Tamsin and Abdi had been engaged for 2 years to the day(!) on their wedding day. So it was a sweet mix of an anniversary and good timing! The weather was brilliant and bright, and the bridesmaids were equally as nice to see! 

A lovely day with a lovely couple!

Laurence and Kelly

Just how I wish it to be with all my clients, Kelly and Laurence were good friends of mine by the time the big day came around. It was an absolute pleasure filming for such a loving, warm and passionate couple. Beyond his rather obvious nerves throughout the ceremony, Laurence gained his confidence by the time the tear-jerking speeches were made and they both took part in an emotional first dance to end the evening splendidly. Many happy returns, guys! 

Fran and Matt